SnoreMeds Review

Snore Meds anti-snoring mouth piece is a popular snore guard. In this article, I’m going to be reviewing snore meds. I am going to touch on topics like how much does it cost, where can you get it, pros and cons, the features and my general opinion regarding SnoreMeds.

First of all, SnoreMeds is a fixed-jaw-relation snore guard. What this means is that it is not adjustable. Thus, it is not suitable for those with sleep apnea, respiratory disease, TMJ, those with loose teeth, gingivitis, or those wearing braces. With that out of the way, let us discuss the features and benefits of Snore Meds.

It is custom molded – This simply means that this is a boil and bite device. You boil it to soften it up and then you bite on it to shape it according to your jaw and teeth size.

Comfortable to wear – SnoreMeds is made of plastic – Hypoallergenic thermoplastic to be exact, which means you will get less chance of being allergic to it.

The SnoreMeds kit includes a spatula, carrying case and detailed instructions – I’m not sure what you use the spatula for. Carrying case and detailed instructions are pretty much self explanatory.

Hole for mouth breathing – This can be a good thing but also a terrible thing. The pros are that you can breath through your mouth when you have the flu. The cons are you are prone to snore because the airway through the mouth is usually blocked. This is the number one reason why people snore.

Like I mentioned above, SnoreMeds guard is non-adjustable. This can be a bad thing if your lower jaw (Mandibular) simply cannot protrude that far forward. (It works by protruding your lower jaw forward. (Clearing your airways.) That is one of the reason why a lot of people complain of the jaw and gum pain. The second problem is that the snore guard might be too bulky or too small for you. (another leading cause of gum and teeth pain) The manufacturer claims that you can solve this by cutting off the edges using a razor blade, but this is far from a perfect solution in my humble opinion. There is a limit on how far you can custom fit your snore guard using a razor blade.

Another problem that might cause a lot of soreness in your jaw is the inability to flex your jaw side to side when you are sleeping. Your jaw is fixed to one position for 8 hours or more! Imagine the soreness this will cause. Not surprisingly, this is the number one complaint on the website. Because of its cheap price (it is $31.95 on Amazon) compared to real custom fitted snore guard, you might want to give it a try.

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  1. J Jordaan says:

    I agree with the comments above, seeing that this is exactly my experience. Further to this the device leaves your mouth very dry if you manage to sleep comfortably through the night, which is virtually impossible. I must admit that my wife’s experience is that I snore less if using the device, but aparently do not stop snoring altogether. For the reasons above I am not convinced that I will order another batch of these devices, but rather seach for something that is more comfortable and give the same or better results.

  2. Natasha says:

    I must disagree to some degree with this review. Firstly, I found that I was successful in eliminating my snoring with this mouthpiece. I followed the moulding instructions exactly and made sure that I pushed my lower jaw forward so that my airway remained opened while I slept- I did experience some discomfort for the first couple of nights but had expected it as I had researched anti-snoring mouthpieces and found that that is one of the main issues with most mouthpieces. I also ensured that I sucked all the air out of the mouthpiece and bit down hard (while moulding) so that it would ensure the mouthpiece would fit snugly-and it seems to stay in place while I sleep. The best thing about this mouthpiece is that I was able to remould the mouthpiece after I didnt mould it correctly the first time.

    I actually question whether you review these products properly because if you did then you would know that the instructions explain fully that the spatula is used to hold the mouthpiece in the boiling water and place it in your mouth easier. SnoreMeds is definitely a mouthpiece that I would recommend.

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