Silent Night Snore Guard

In this article I’m going to do a basic review on the Silent Night snore guard. It is a popular semi adjustable snore guard, so I’ve decided to do a stand-alone review for it. In this article I will talk about who is it for, is the SilentNight snore guard effective and the comfort. A little introduction on snore guards if you do not already know. Snore guards are sometime called mandibular device because it adjusts your lower jaw. (Your lower jaw is called mandibular in scientific term) Snore guard stops snoring, and some of it solves bruxism and TMJ problems. This depends on the snore guard that you are using. We’ll be talking about the suitability of Silent Night snore guard on these issues in the next paragraph so buckle your seats!

First of all, this is not for those with TMJ (Tempero Mandibular Joint) and bruxism problems. It is not for TMJ sufferers even though it is a semi-adjustable snore guard because it is terribly hard to adjust the lower jaw. Sometimes you will need to take it to the lab to have it adjusted. This can be a problem especially for chronic TMJ sufferes. The reason it is not suitable for bruxism sufferer is because it is not durable and reliable over the long run. If you are a chronic bruxer, chances are you will destroy the Silent Night snore guard within weeks if not days of using it. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, lets discuss who is it for. The SilentNite snore guard is suitable for those with snoring problems and also mild sleep apnea problems. You will not be able to solve serious sleep apnea problem without using a CPAP. (Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure)

How does it work for people with snoring problem and is it as effective as advertised? The short answer would be a no. Various websites and reviews have stated that the Silent night snore guard is quite uncomfortable, (Surprising, considering it is molded in a lab and is quite expensive) and prone to breaking down. I guess the extra money you are paying is because of the lab cost and the cost of having to constantly replacing your spoilt snore guard.

Does it work? I would say yes based on the many reports I’ve read online. However, a lot of snore guard works too. It is a straightforward and uncomplicated process to stop your snoring. The only consideration you should have when choosing a snore guard is not whether it works or not. You should consider whether it is comfortable and suitable for your usage. You see the silent night snore guard consist of 3 moving parts. One upper jaw guard, another one for the lower jaw and a plastic stick that connects the two. You adjust the position of the stick to protrude your lower jaw even more than it already has. That is how a snore guard works. It protrudes your lower jaw, (mandibular) and this frees up your airways from obstruction. By the way, this is how sleep apnea works too, that is why snore guards are sometime effective for a mild case of sleep apnea.

This is how the "plastic stick" looks like

In the end, you should make up your own mind whether you want to buy Silent Night snore guard or not. Do more research and you will be OK, but you know my stand on this. I would not buy it myself there are other better snore guards out there for the same price.

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  1. Mark McGill says:

    I have had a Silent Nite for six months. Although the product works to stop snoring it has a design flaw that causes me to frequently go back to my dentist for repairs. The problem is the plastic sticks are attached to upper and lower mouth guard using a small plastic pin. The pin continuely breaks causing frustration. If they could fix this design flaw, I would recommend it.

  2. Regina Johnson says:

    I have also been using the Silent Nite for the past few months. I was assured it could handle the teeth grinding I do in my sleep. I have taken it back to my dentist about 6 or 7 times to have it fixed. The plastic sticks would pop off or get loose and lose position causing me to snore. And, yes, it is very frustrating because it works so nicely to keep me from snoring and it is really comfortable. Like Mark, I would recommend it if the pin problem could be fixed.

  3. Carla Joyner says:

    I have been using the Silent Nite guard (for mild sleep apnea) for about 2 years. It has been a fabulous find and has greatly improved the quality of my sleep. Like the other posters, I have also had issues with the plastic sticks; however, I would still recommend it. Thankfully, I have not had a multitude of repairs. When presented with the option of CPAP and Silent Nite, it was a no brainer for me. The probability of me consistently using a CPAP was slim to none, as I’m a stomach sleeper. This was a wonderful alternative. That being said, my sleep apnea is mild, and I’m not certain how effective it would be for more advanced cases.

  4. Robin says:

    I have had my silent night for 3 weeks. I had 1 adjustment on the sticks so far. I wanted it tighter.
    Although my teeth ache in the morning I am no longer snoring and with oxygen I am managing my mild sleep apnea. I look forward to bed knowing I will sleep better. It will take time to recover from lack of oxygen for so long . The cost is not comfortable and I imagine a cheaper way would be possible but I was desperate and wanted a guaranteed fit etc. So my dentist has been very kind and helpful. the success rate of CPAP users being compliant is low. so I went this way.

  5. Mark Reed says:

    I just got my silent nite yesterday so I’m looking forward to being able to get a good nights sleep. I will post something in a few weeks as to weather it works or not.

  6. jeanne taylor says:

    I bought a silent nite appliance several years ago, and one of the hinges broke and came off , can I send it to you for repair?

  7. Bob Niles says:

    My dentist charges over $ 500 is there a cheaper way to buy it??

    Thanks Bob

  8. Nathan Hammer says:

    I’ve had my silent nite for a year now. I can’t sleep without it. I have a temporary crown in right now waiting for a permanent crown to be made and installed during this time I can’t wear the silent nite because it will pull the temporary out…I am amazed at how poorly I sleep without it. I snore enough that my throat is sore and I wake with headaches. I don’t have these problems with the silent-nite use. I LOVE this product and so does my wife.

  9. Kevin Adams says:

    I have had the Silent night snore guard for almost a year. It has improved my sleep, but not much on the snoring. I too, have had problems with the rivets popping off. I have also had problems with trying to keep the thing smelling fresh. The plastic they use absorbs odors. Incidently, the snore apparatus I had prior to this had no problem. Anyone have a way to get the smell out? I wash it every day and have tried spraying mouthwash on it, but the odors constantly remain.
    In regards to the rivets, my dentist was re-using them and I believe this is most of the problem. He claims they are reusable, but I have never heard of a rivet such as these that is truely reusable.
    Next step, I will try adding CPAP.

  10. Jill Mullen says:

    Has any one been successful in billing medical or dental insurance for the Silent Night snore guard? If so, pleasse provide a billing code of some kind? Thank you!

  11. Nancy says:

    I also have problems with a smelly Silent Nite even with cleaning according to instuctions. A dentist offered to clean it but it would take about the same time as a teeth cleaning. Unfortunately the dentist is not my regular dentist. I got the impression the guard would be soaked in a solution. Evidently there is something that exists to clean these devices.
    Has anyone had any luck with cleaning and eliminating the smell on the Silent Nite?

    • Snore Guard says:

      Never heard of this problem with many ppl here, u might want to try using something safer than chemicals. It is after all something you put into your mouth every night.

      Try soaking it with vinegar and pouring baking soda over it. (after you take it out from the vinegar) Not sure how this would work but it is used to clean smelly pipes so i’m sure it will somewhat work.

      Note: never tried this before so try it at your own risk! lol

  12. Glenda says:

    I leave my guard soaking in over the counter hydrogen peroxide. Kills germs and eliminates the smell. I too have issues with the plastic connectors breaking..fortunately my dentist will sell them to me to make the repair myself. Gets expensive to the tune of $20 though.

  13. Lana Gail Zechner says:

    you guys should seek out a dentist to get a TAP 3 appliance, it cost a lot more than $500, but if you get all the appropriate medical back up info…ie=sleep studies reports, diagnosis by md and dmd, bcbs had a dental review part that you can send in a pretreatment estimate before you get it made and if approved all you have to pay is a copay.

  14. Larry says:

    Well, I wish I could be as positive as everyone else here. I’ve had mine about 8 months. According to my wife it is about 80% effective for my snoring, changing my usual roar to a light snore; however, I cannot bear to wear it more than two nights in a row because the pins holding the arms cut into my upper lip. After night #1 it just feels a bit raw. After night #2 I have actual cuts in my lip that burn when toothpaste is added.

    I do not have the problems with pins coming loose. In fact, lately I have been unsuccessful trying to remove them so I can at least use the upper tray to protect against grinding.

  15. Greg says:

    I’ve had my Silent Nite for just 2 weeks. I have only been able to wear it 3 times during that time because in the morning I can’t close my mouth after taking it out. It appears to be causing a condition called TMJ lockjaw. I have never had this happen to me before, so can only assume that the device is causing it. my dentist told me he’s never heard of a case like mine before, but I bet Silent Nite has. They should have a disclaimer saying that this is a possible outcome from wearing their product.
    The only positive thing that I can say is that my wife says that it stops 90% of my snoring. It does smell in the morning and I wash it with warm water and soap before and after placing it in my mouth, per the instructions. One of the pins is loose after using it just 3 times.

    I am very close to returning it to the dentist and requesting my money back from Silent Nite.

  16. Jim says:

    I am finally getting a good night sleep. No more sleep apena, snoring is over. Very happy with the results. Cost is fair compared to a poor nights sleep.

  17. mykstor says:

    First, about the comment just above. I find it hard to believe there’s no way to protect that part from cutting into your upper lip. That sounds awful, but if you’re a handy type, there are so many materials available at arts and crafts stores, like silicone you could mold to put over the part to pad it, or that milky-clear pliable plastic swimmers use to plug their ears. Just be inventive.

    Secondly, to the author of this article: Thank you. However, why did you leave the reader hanging? You said you think there are other devices that you prefer for around the same price.. Gee.. a name of one or two of them could have really helped me here…

  18. jessica says:

    I had the problem of it cutting into my gums at first, them my dentist used a dremmol like tool to grind down that area of guard. My insurance did cover mine, the dentist had to submit it as a “guard” . I do have the problem of soar jaw in morning, not being able to close jaw completely, which goes away after a couple hours. I wander if this is harming me in the long run. Overall the device helps with snoring and sleep apnea.

  19. Terry P says:

    I have used the Silent Nite for about 8 years now. It is the only one that works. My dog ate my first one when I left it out on the nightstand. They are pricey but way better than those $50 ones offered on TV. I have gotten a second one. If you do have dental work done (crowns, implants, etc) you may have to have yours re-fit. My insurance doesn’t pay and I paid about $500 for mine. But I don’t have sleep apnea anymore.

  20. Terry P says:

    Also for cleaning I use a toothbrush and denture tabs. I soak it in hot water while I shower and shave in the morning and rinse and let it air dry. I know it says not too, but my dentist said it should work. Been using the denture tabs for about four years now and no issues. Yes it was uncomfortable to wear at first, but after a week I was fine.

  21. Susan says:

    My husband. Started using the newly designed Silent Nite a few days ago. Sleep at last! No more snoring. We both feel so much better in the morning!

  22. Mollie says:

    Husband and I picked them up today….we both snore and he grinds….cant wait to see if it works.

  23. Barry G. says:

    Had one for a year and a half and then it cracked from grinding. Got a second one and it lasted 5 years! Fit became loose so I just got another one with new style connectors. I hope to get 5 years from this one. Nothing beats the fit because the dentist makes the impressions. I have tried the “do it yourself ” guards but didn’t get that tight fit that makes it work so well. Wasn’t able to sleep with the CPAP which I tried for 6 months.

  24. Kim says:

    I have used the silent nite guard for a few years and the old design was a nightmare (but still worth it) The new design is wonderful! It’s pliable and the plastic side bars that used to break are flexible and easily popped on and off!! The plastic is different and much easier to keep clean, better for grinders as well. It dosn’t seem to be drying out and getting brittle as the old design did. I do pay $400 for it BUT the company stands behind it. In the past few years I have had the guard replaced for free 3 times. Once because it cracked when it was 6 months old, once because I broke it while trying to change the plastic side bar, and once because the bottom piece was popping off my teeth in the night. We had just ordered a new one and didn’t do a new impression, guess we needed one. I will tell you that your dentist is taking and impression and grinding it if necessary to fit when it comes in. (one time it was digging into my gum and she ground it down in a few seconds) For that work they are getting hundreds of dollars. The company is charging MUCH less than the customer cost of this appliance, there is about a 200 percent markup which the dentist pockets for the dental assistant to take an impression! I know this from a billing error at my office. I was origionally billed the dentist’s cost for the appliance rather than the consumer price. Also, if you are being charged more than $50 for your replacements your dentist is more than likely pocketing that money as well as the company has replaced mine free three times. My dentist is a really honest and benevolent person, they had to make an impression to replace this last guard and not only was the replacement free but she didn’t charge me to do the impression. She is not trying to rob people. My second guard was only $300 because she gave me a break on it that year and thanked me for being a client. So, it may not be a new night guard you need if you find this one pricey. Maybe you need a new dentist!!! I have spent $750 in about three years on this guard and I don’t snore and have a GREAT night sleep!!!! I tried the over the counter guards and one that I ordered for like $75 I think, I spit them all out in the night. Because they don’t “hug” your teeth from being molded to them, they are loose and easily removed. I woke up every morning with the thing on my pillow. Considering the brand new report I saw this morning about sleep apnea being related to cancer and bad cases increasing the likelihood 4 to 5 times!!! no matter what this thing costs, we should all be wearing one if c pap is not possible.

  25. Fran Doerre says:

    Please post how to get a supply of pins and I will give it a 5 star thumbs up. I love it. The only problem I have is that the dentist who made it is pretty far from me and I need replacement pins. Help!

    • Snore Guard says:

      I can’t advice on this, sorry. Every city/town has its own suppliers/dentist. Making it impossible to have an updated list of resources. I’m only one man.

  26. Fran Doerre says:

    Also, I apparently was ripped off, paying $1200 for mine. I hope I can make up for it by getting some new pins “on the house”. It was not my regular doctor. Hopefully others will be wiser than I was and check out the reviews first!

  27. Dan Mcgarity says:

    This device cost me $400. and DOES NOT work.

  28. Chpmom says:

    I’ve had the silent nite since 2006 and I can’t sleep without it. It took about a week to get used to it. It looks like it has been through world war three, but I have never had a problem with the plastic sides breaking. Although they have become loose, so my jaw does not stay forward where it should be. You can go back to the dentist and he can replace the plastic sides with shorter one. It still seems to work anyway. But mine is not leaving my house, it would die from embarrassment and then explode. Now I’m getting a new one, it will be here in a couple of weeks! My insurance does not pay for these. The first one cost $300 my new cost $350. I love my dentist, I knew he only charged me his cost. When you have these you have to work with them until they fit right that means working with your dentist. Once you have it just right it can change your life. I would stop breathing 14 times an hour on average. I would have dreams about drowning. Go figure! Can’t wear a cpap, so I’m thankful for the SN. What ever I have to do to make it work I will. I want to see my grand babies grow up.
    Good luck and sweet dreams!!

  29. Connie says:

    My dentist charged me $850 for my Silent Night Snore Guard about 10 months ago. The first one did not fit well (could barely ply it off my teeth to remove it) so they remade it. All of the little plastic bands they gave me ended up breaking and the company begrudgingly gave me new ones. But now the little nub actually broke off that the band attaches to, so my device is practically useless. My dentist contacted Glidewell Products, the manufacturer, and was told the device was only guaranteed for SIX MONTHS. With a purchase price of $850? This is not acceptable. I am not a happy customer and I am not going to take this lying down.

  30. Al Havers says:

    I had the old style Silent Nite. The pins would constantly break and my dentist as well as I became tired of fixing it. When the new style came out I ordered one and she charged me her cost which was $150 (she is a friend of mine). The new one lasted about 3 months before one of the attaching sticks broke. The great thing is that I can change these myself. I don’t like that this newer version it is much larger. I was also having problems keeping these clean and odor free. The directions call for cleaning these with soap and water. I found what works phenomenally well is to lightly brush this appliance with a denture brush & anti-bacterial foaming hand soap.

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